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"Enables Business to Detail Viable Procedures to Advance their Accounts and Assessments"

  1. 1. Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

A business process is a set of related work activities that are performed by employees to achieve business goals. BPR involves the examination and redesign of business processes and workflows in your organization in order to optimize end-to-end processes and eliminate/reduce non-value-added tasks by automation and thereby achieve significant levels of improvement in quality, time management, speed and profitability:


  • i. Radical changes in performance as measured by cost, cycle time, service and quality.
  • ii. Simpler, leaner and more productive processes.
  • iii. Encourages organizations to abandon conventional
  • iii. Encourages organizations to abandon conventional approaches to problem solving and to “think big”
  • iv. The slow, cautious process of incremental improvements leaves many organizations unprepared to compete in today’s rapidly changing market place. Reengineering helps organizations make noticeable changes in the pace and quality of their response to customer needs
  1. 2. Finance & Tax advisory and Compliance Management

Helps business formulate effective strategies to optimize their finances and taxes, implement innovative tax planning strategies and effectively manage compliance-related requirements and includes

  • GST Registration and Return Filings
  • Company Registrations and Filings
  • Income Tax Return Filings
  • Tax litigation matters
  • Tax Planning
  • Business Setup planning
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